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31 Oct 2014

Old Paulites rally to Hills

Arup Chatterjee, TNN, Oct 30, 2014,DARJEELING: St Paul's School will turn 200 in another nine years. But it is time now for the institution to mark another milestone.
The school may have been raised in Calcutta, but most feel it is only when it moved to the mountains, and Jwalapahar on particular, that the school acquired its halo and high ground. Rather literally.
Some 300 Old Paulites have converged at this favourite tourist destination to celebrate 150 years of their school's coming to the "Burning Mountain", a name believed to have been acquired from the explosion of flaming rhododendrons that used to bloom there.
Over the next three days, Paulite Forever, as the celebrations have been christened, will see former students from round the world and as far back as the early fifties reliving their school days and sharing space with the current crop and teachers.
"The Quad", "Dawkins", "Lower Field", "Dorms", "Prep Hall"... Words that meant the many nooks and corners of boarding life in one of the premier institutes of the country will come alive once more for them.
Men who have moved on to their many distinguished paths will shed all that for school blazers, flannels, grey suits and the many little things that made life at what used to be a boarders-only school. "Several Darjeeling schools have this legacy of the British education system. But, St Paul's was a little more into the British way than the others," gushed film distributor and entrepreneur Arijit Dutta shortly after checking into a hotel at Darjeeling on Wednesday evening.
"You see, we looked down upon others from our perch high above Darjeeling town," joked the 1983 pass-out.
As the first whiff of winter grips this hill town and the heavy woolens come out, the month-long cultural festival on the Mall nears its end and the hotels prepare for off-season discount offers, the Paulite party is set to begin. The nippy air is thick with a sense of anticipation.
"It will be a terrific reunion," added an Old Paulite.

Minister set for wage talks with tea planters

SNS, Siliguri, 30 October 2014: State labour minister Malay Ghatak has called a bipartite meeting with tea planters in his chamber tomorrow to finalize a tea workers’ wage settlement before convening a tripartite meeting shortly, a senior departmental official said today. Mr Ghatak held such a meeting twice with planters under the banner of ‘Consultative Committee of Plantation Associations,’ but the talks turned a dud.
However, leaders of the Joint Forum, consisting of 21 trade unions associated with tea plantations in the Terai, Dooars and the Hills, have planned to inform the state government of their agitation, demanding a wage structure.
The Forum will begin a convention from 1 November and start demonstrating from 7 November and then go on an industrial strike and general strike on 11 and 12 November respectively.
“We want to discuss the matter with the state government ethically before launching the stir against planters and the state. We are planning to inform the state government of our stand,” a Forum leader and former Rajya Sabha member, Saman Pathak, said.
“The state should not be a referee. It should come forward to take a proper decision. We are worried about the labour minister’s decision to hold a series of bipartite meetings with planters. The state is trying to break our unity. But still, we are demanding a wage structure for tea workers,” Mr Pathak said. Joint labour commissioner Md Rizwan, mwanwhile, said: “Our departmental minister has called a bipartite meeting with the planters tomorrow. We hope that the next tripartite meeting will be held soon to resolve the wage problem.”
However, Alok Chakraborty, the working president of the Inttuc-backed Trinamul Tea Plantation Workers’ Union, said it is high time the Forum accepted the state government’s wage hike proposals.
“The Joint Forum is doing politics by exploiting tea workers and their demands. We conducted a survey where our workers noticed that the workers will happily accept a hike of more than 40 per cent on the present rate,” he said.
Trinamul sources said tomorrow’s discussions are important in settling the wages issue and in finding out a suitable method to finalize the rate of increment.
It may be noted that 42 percent wage was increased through a tripartite meeting three years ago.
Trinamul sources said the state is determined to increase the wages at least at the same rate as last year, based on the present rate.
“But planters want to increase 42 percent on Rs 90 per worker a day, not Rs 95,” the sources said.
Notably, in the last agreement, tea workers in the Terai and the Dooars got Rs 85 (from Rs 67) in the first year and Rs 90 and Rs 95 for the second and third year. Planters want to accept the average rate of Rs 90 (Rs 85+90+95 = Rs 270 / 3 = Rs 90).

Rhino poaching: Four held, horn still missing

SNS, Siliguri, 30 October 2014: Though foresters have arrested four persons in connection with poaching of a four-year-old male rhino in the Gorumara National Park, they are still clueless about the animal horn that was taken away by the poachers on the night of 16 October. 
The forest department first arrested one Karimul Haque, a local resident, and interrogated him. Three persons were then arrested in this connection. One of them is in hospital and two others are in the custody of the forest department. Two persons were produced in court today. 
Foresters suspect that poachers from outside would not have been able to commit such a crime without the help of the local people. 
“Despite the interrogation, we have failed to collect information on the poachers who committed the crime with the help of the local people. The rhino horn, which was taken away after killing the animal, is still missing,” a senior wildlife official said today. 
“We are trying hard to identify the gang of poachers and to trace the horn. A total of four persons have been arrested in this connection and foresters are interrogating them,” said Sumita Ghatak, a senior official of the department’s wildlife division. 
Foresters have intensified patrolling and mobilised sources to detect the gang and to check poaching.

Gangtok ‘stock broker’ accused of duping investors

SNS, Gangtok, 30 October 2014: An investor has lodged a complaint with the East District Police, alleging that a private stock broker has fleeced his money and disappeared from Gangtok recently. 
Patna-based journalist Kundan Kumar yesterday filed a complaint against Ankit Sharda for going incommunicado after collecting Rs 5.25 lakh from him on the pretext of investing in the stock market. 
Mr Sharda operated a brokering firm at MG Marg here and is suspected to have duped many others and absconding some 10 months ago. 
Mr Kumar, working for a news agency in Gangtok during 2009-2010, said he had deposited Rs 5.25 lakh through four cheques in Ankit Sharda’s wife Khusbu Sharda’s account with the ICICI Bank, Gangtok branch, during the period. 
“Everything was normal, until last month, when Kumar tried to contact Sharda for a refund. All attempts to contact him failed,” Mr Kumar said. Mr Sharda is suspected to have withdrawn all the money from his wife’s account, which is now dormant. A neighbour said that the couple shifted from Gangtok around 9-10 months ago. The complainant claimed that Mr Sharda is presently living in Surat in Gujarat, and has demanded that a case of fraud be filed against him. 
Superintendent of Police (East) DB Giri confirmed having received the complaint against Mr Sharda. 
“He may have duped several others around MG Marg area. We will investigate and submit our report to the department for further action. The CID may also probe the case,” he said.

Dengue test: Private labs fleecing people

SNS, Siliguri, 30 October 2014: Despite the Darjeeling district health department's order issued to private clinics and pathological labs asking them to charge Rs 500 for dengue screening, the private facilities are charging people anything between Rs 700 and Rs 1,100 for the tests, it is learnt. 
Following the detection of some suspected dengue cases in Siliguri, district health department officials held a review meeting with representatives of private nursing homes in Siliguri on 26 October. 
After the meeting, the district chief medical officer of health, Dr Asit Biswas, had said the cost of one such test in private facilities had been slashed down to Rs 500. This correspondent today visited some private clinics and laboratories and enquired about the rates, only to find that most of them were not following the health department directives. “We are conducting the test at Rs 700 because we are not aware of any such decision (taken by the health department),” a lab technician claimed. 
When asked, Dr Biswas said he would look into the matter. Meanwhile, the director of health services, Dr Biswaranjan Satpathy, held a meeting with Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) officials here today on the suspected dengue cases. 
“A house-to-house fever survey will begin in the affected wards from Saturday, while the health department will continue monitoring other wards too. It has been decided that the health department will provide fogging machines to the SMC. The health department will provide Rs 4,30,000 to the SMC for the job. We will also provide 30 health workers to the SMC for the survey,” Dr Satpathy said. 
Civic body commissioner Sonam Wangdi Bhutia said they had requested the health department to provide a vehicle-mounted fogging machine. “The fever survey and awareness programmes will be intensified in wards 7,8 and 9 and later it would be carried out in wards 4,5,6,29,31,41,44 and 46. If needed, it will be conducted in wards 42 and 43 too,” he said.

Post Office robbed

EOI, Jalpaiguri, 30 Oct 2014: Manabari post office in Odalabari under Jalpaiguri district was robbed late on Wednesday night, according to local sources. The robbers broke open the main door to enter the post office and made away with some cash and the post master’s computer. 
They were however unable to open the main cash locker. Post office officials said the robbery could have taken place after 2 in the morning, as the office has a security guard posted from 10 am to 2 am the next day. 
The robbery was discovered by the officials when they reached the office this morning. The police have registered a case and started an investigation. 
Notably, the Odalabari area has witnessed about 10 robberies in the past two month before the latest incident last night.

Youth arrested

EOI, Gangtok, RANGPO, NAMCHI, 30 Oct 2014: A 26-year-old man named Rajesh Gupta of Rongli Bazaar has been booked under the SADA, 2006 for possessing contraband substances. 
He was found loitering suspiciously near the Manipal area on Wednesday and when searched the police found him carrying 178 capsules of SP and 7 N10 tablets. 
The Rangpo police on Wednesday registered a case against Simon Rai (33) of Khani Gaon for allegedly sexually assaulting a 33-year-old dumb woman on October 23. The accused is missing from the area since that day. 
A 31-year-old man hung himself to death on Wednesday in Bhutia Busty, Namchi. The man’s body has been handed over to his next of kin after an autopsy.

Darjeeling police suspect links of agents in Jalandhar

Jatinder Kohli, HT, Jalandhar, October 27, 2014: The Darjeeling police are suspecting a high-level human trafficking racket working in Jalandhar, where the girls, especially from Darjeeling, a hilly town of West Bengal, are being trafficked.

A team of the Darjeeling police had allegedly recovered the three girls,  all around 17, missing from Kalimpong village in the Darjeeling hills since October 8, on October 21 from the Model House locality of the city.
Giving this information on phone, Sourav Ghosh, sub-inspector and office in-charge of Gorubathan police station, which falls in the Kalimpong sub-division of Darjeeling district, said that the girls were rescued from the house of a Nepali woman in the Model House locality. Later, they were handed over to their families in Darjeeling.
Ghosh said that they have traced three agents working in Darjeeling, who have links with the Jalandhar-based agents. After collecting more facts, they would share details with the Jalandhar police, Ghosh added.
Ghosh said they have called the girls for questioning on Monday along with their families as they are still in a state of shock and unable to tell anything. After interrogating the girls, they would lodge a first information report (FIR) in the case as, so far, they have registered a ‘missing’ complaint.  
Ghosh said that hundreds of girls, especially from the Gorkha community, are allegedly made to join dance groups and engaged for showering flowers in marriage functions, etc.
Ghosh revealed that when his team had recovered the three girls from the house, two girls from another state were also residing there. Ghosh added that the family of one of the girls has also filed a complaint against the woman from whose house the girls were recovered by the joint teams of Jalandhar and Darjeeling police along with representatives of a local NGO.
"We are planning to conduct raids in Jalandhar very soon after verifying the facts but the Jalandhar police are not co-operating with us," alleged Ghosh.
NGO speak
Raju Nepali, a representative of Darjeeling-based non-government organisation (NGO) Dooars Express, alleged that the girls from Darjeeling were being smuggled into Punjab, Delhi and Haryana. 
SK Kapoor from local NGO Chitra, who was also involved in the rescue operation here, said that we are waiting for a report of the Darjeeling police and will provide help to them in recovering other girls as well.
The chase
As per information, a gang had smuggled the girls to Jalandhar to serve in the houses of non-resident Indians (NRIs). The five Darjeeling cops, including two woman constables, and representatives of non-government organisation (NGO) Dooars Express, had reportedly camped in the city for two days, after tracing a phone call from one of the girls.
The Darjeeling police had, on October 20, scanned the industrial area, Sodal, Lamba Pind and other locations before meeting officers at police station-8. The next day, NGO representative Raju Nepali contacted the girls and called them to the Model House locality near a migrant-dominated part of the city. The Darjeeling policemen laid a trap and recovered two girls who had managed to come there.
The third was recovered from the house of the Nepali woman in the same locality.

Racket in human trafficking busted in Siliguri, Kalimpong girl rescued

Photo from Face Book of DE Duars
EOI, Siliguri, 30 Oct 2014: The Siliguri police on Thursday busted a human trafficking racket the modus operandi of which was to lure young girls into relationships through a social networking site and making false promises of marriage before selling them for paltry amounts. 
Police have rescued a girl from Kalimpong who was called to Siliguri and kept in a rented house near Bhaktinagar are near Iskon Temple for trafficking to Kanpur. The girl was found unconscious in the room.
Bhaktinagar Police informed a youth from Kanpur was allegedly involved in the case. Police said he had prepared fake profile in giving his identity as a renowned doctor. He was staying in rented flat in the Bhakti Nagar area of Siliguri.
Police have said there are allegations against the man for luring girls through social networking sites from Sikkim, Dooars and Darjeeling and selling them in various brothels of the country.
The rescued girl had been given some tablets to the girl so that she got unconscious and did not understand his plans of trafficking.
A team of the Darjeeling police had recently recovered three girls, all around 17, missing from Kalimpong villages in the Darjeeling hills from the Model House locality of Jalandar.
Raju Nepali, a representative of Darjeeling-based non-government organisation (NGO) Dooars Express, said that the girls from Darjeeling were being smuggled into Punjab, Uttar Pradesh Delhi and Haryana and their organization was trying hard to stop the crime.

Additional report:
Input and Photo from Face Book of DE Duars: 
A village girl of Kalimpong was saved from the clutches of a person in Siliguri who pretended to be a doctor and had plans to sell her off. Rakesh Kr. Mahaeshwari from Kanpur residing near Iskon Mandir Road had befriended Shetal (not her real name) hailing from Kalimpong. 
The fraud doctor somehow managed to convince Shetal that he loves her very much and wants to marry her. Shetal on seeing a bright future with the so called doctor agreed to his proposal. On 8th October Shetal came to Siliguri on the request of the fraud doctor Rakesh and started staying with him in his rented flat at Iskon Mandir road. 
He had promised her that they will soon get married. Shetal was introduced to the houseowner as his wife. Soon as the days passed by Rakesh started torturing her. 
He confined her in a room, beat her up and gave her several injections which made her sleep and sometimes intoxicated. 
Later Shetal also came to know that Rakesh is already twice married and has his family in Kanpur. Now Shetal just wanted to escape from there. 
Somehow she managed to contact a neighbor and gave him her parents mobile number and told him to inform them about her. The neighbor too knew she was in trouble as he could always hear the sound of the beatings and her cries. Neighbor informed her parents and immediately they with the help of Raju Nepali from the NGO Dooars Express rescued the girl at 4 pm today. 
Shetal's 2 brothers came from Kalimpong to Siliguri along with Raju Nepali and went to Bhaktinagar Police Station. The neighbours too were called there. Police raided the house at 4 pm and caught the Rakesh.

KLO Bandh remains ineffective in north Bengal

EOI, Jalpaiguri, 30 Oct 2014: The 24-hour bandh called by Kamtapur Liberation Organisation on Thursday passed without any incidents and remained ineffective across north Bengal. The bandh was called in response to the killing of KLO commander Samar Singh ‘Rambo’ in an alleged encounter by Assam Police on October 25.
KLO- sponsored bandhs in recent months have elicited little response. On Thursday, all public transport, offices and markets across north Bengal remained open. The police took elaborate security measures.
Announcing the bandh on October 27, The KLO general secretary Kailash Koch had alleged the Assam police of misleading the people about the encounter. He said Rambo was arrested in Kokrajhar and was killed by ex-KLO members on the behest of the Assam police, but it was claimed he was killed in an encounter.

Two tokay geckos rescued in Siliguri, smugglers arrested... North Bengal a hub of illegal trade in tokay

PRASHANT ACHARYA, EOI & PTI, SILIGURI / JALPAIGURI, 30 Oct 2014: North Bengal is steadily becoming the hub of illegal trade of tokay gecko (a lizard species) and their buyers are looking for the species in big numbers. Jalpaiguri forest officials arrested four smugglers from Jalpaiguri area last night and rescued two tokay geckos. An electronic weighing scale was seized. 
According to the forest officials the geckos were about to be smuggled to the north east. Police on the tip-off have raided the houses in Jalpaiguri and have arrested four smugglers. The arrested persons were Deepak and Ratan of Mainaguri and Munna and Sukalayan resident of Jalpaiguri. 
The rescued lizards were released in the forest, Baikunthapur forest division ranger Sanjay Dutta said. 
Acting on a tip off, the Bainkupara Forest Department had set a trap posing as potential buyer of the two geckos. The deal was fixed at a Rs. 3 lakh per gecko and the transaction was scheduled to be done on Wednesday evening at Goshala More area. Bainkupara Forest Department’s Bolakoba forest division ranger Sanjay Dutta said the four accused were produced before the Jalpaiguri District Court on Thursday and were subsequently sent to five days custody. 
“We will continue the investigation to find the other people involved in the racket,” he added. They are trying to spot the ringleaders of the racket in smuggling the rare reptile species. The tokay gecko is a nocturnal Asian lizard growing up to 40cm in length and easily identified by its orange-spotted, blue grey eyes and unmistakable vocals. 
According to sources, buyers are looking for bigger tokays measuring not less than 35.5cm (14 inches) in length and weighing about 200 gram. Such large specimens are said to fetch a high price in the international market.

SKM slams reports of party leadership breaking up

EOI, Gangtok, 30 Oct 2014: The Sikkim Krantikari Morcha has refuted reports of disparity cropping up in the party leadership. 
“Some false reports have come out in the media about a change in our party leadership, which is not true at all. We are unified and still remain the ‘Krantikaris’,” said SKM spokesperson Bhoj Raj Rai in a Press meeton Thursday.
He added the party will slap a defamation case against the Nepali daily newspaper published from Siliguri that had carried the “false” news item if it does not publish a corrigendum. 
“The news does not quote any individual; we want the newspaper to reveal the name(s) giving such misleading information. This is but yellow journalism and we condemn it outright. We will not tolerate such articles not based on facts,” said another SKM spokesperson, KN Topgay, adding the SKM will participate in the municipal election likely to be held early next year.

No-vendor tag for Chowrasta - Resolution yet to be taken, 12 stalls to stay temporarily

Stalls along Mall road in Darjeeling. Picture by Suman Tamang
Vivek Chhetri, TT, Darjeeling, Oct. 30: The Darjeeling municipality has decided to make the town’s main promenade Chowrasta a “no-vending zone” on the request of morning walkers.
By “no-vending zone”, the municipality means other than 12 temporary hawkers’ stalls on Mall Road, no other shop would be allowed to be set up on Chowrasta.
Most of the shops are concentrated on Mall Road, which the municipality plans to remove. Nehru Road, a path to Chowrasta, would also be part of the no-vending zone, as will be the road leading to Hotel Alice Villa.
Civic chairman Amar Singh Rai said no vendors, other than the 12 allotted temporary space on Mall Road would be allowed in the area.
The municipality is yet to pass a resolution on this.
Chowrasta has seen a steady rise of hawkers in the past year. Around 40 vendors have stalls on the stretch leading to the Mahakal temple on Mall Road.
This morning, the Darjeeling Environment Conservation Awareness Programme, popularly known as the Morning Health Club, submitted a memorandum to Rai.
Many senior citizens are members of the club.
Tshering Dorjee, the president of the Darjeeling Environment Conservation Awareness Programme, wrote: “Mall and Chowrasta has always been a favourite spot both for tourists as well as locals, where people of all ages come to stroll and relax. But… hawkers stalls along the stretch leading towards Chowrasta makes (the roads) very narrow and inconvenient for commuters.”
Last year, vendors had been removed from Nehru Road and given space along the road that leads to Hotel Alice Villa.
Twelve hawkers could not be accommodated and were allotted space along the Mall Road.
This afternoon, Rai said: “We have heard the grievances of the Morning Health Club. It is true that only 12 hawkers who could not be accommodated along the road that leads to Hotel Alice Villa were allowed to put up stalls on the Mall Road.”
He said the municipality had “started conducting a survey from today”.
He added: “We will not allow any other vendor (except the 12) to put up stalls in the area. The municipality will soon adopt a resolution in the board meeting making Chowrasta a no-vending zone.”
Earlier this year, the Morning Health Club had opposed the construction of a hawkers’ market at Chowrasta.
The members have also opposed illegal construction in the Mall area. “We are aware that the municipality had allowed only 12 hawkers to put up stalls in the area purely on temporary basis. But over the months, the number of hawkers has multiplied at an alarming rate. We request the municipality to declare the area as a no-construction, no vending zone as well as free from advertising hoarding and flexes,” Dorjee said.

30 Oct 2014

बसिल कम्पनिका एजेन्टहरूले पैसा फिर्ता हुने आशा देखाए

डी.के वाइबा, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ 29 अक्टोबर। बसिल कम्पनिमा लगानी गर्ने लगानीकर्ताहरूको पैसा अझसम्म कम्पनिले फिर्ता नगरेको कारण आखिरमा कम्पनिको नियत के छ भन्ने बुझ्न यहाँको दु:ख निवारक सम्मेलन भवनमा कम्पनिका एजेन्टहरूले सिनियरहरूलाई बोलाएर सभा डाकेको थियो। 
यस अवसरमा कम्पनिका उत्तर बङ्गाल एंव तराई डुवरसका सिनियर एजेन्टहरू क्रमैले कर्मेन्दु दियाली, सूर्यमान विश्वकर्म, राजेश लोहार, गौतम लामा, लगायत कालेबुङका सिनियर अनि जुनियर एजेन्टहरूको उपस्थिति रहेको थियो। यसका साथै कम्पनिको वर्तमान स्थिति बारे बुझ्न केही समय अघि मात्र गठन गरिएको स्टडी फोरमका सदस्यहरूको पनि सभामा बिशेष उपस्थिति रहेको थियो। कम्पनिले आजसम्म लगानिकर्ताहरूको पैसा फिर्ता नगरेको कारण सभामा लगानिकर्ताहरूले सिनियर एजेन्टहरूलाई आफ्नो लागत पैसा फर्काउनु पर्ने माग गरे। यस अवधी लगानिकर्ता अनि कम्पनिका एजेन्टहरू माझ तनावको वातावरण पनि सृजना भएको थियो। कम्पनिले लगानीकर्ताहरूको पैसा फिर्ता नगरेको कारण अहिले घरी स्थानिय एजेन्टहरूले भोग्न परिरहेको समस्या बरे पनि सभामा चर्चा गरिएको थियो। 
यसक्रममा उत्तर बङ्गाल एंव तराई डुवर्सका सिनियर एजेन्ट सूर्यमान विश्वकर्मले कालेबुङमा बसिल कम्पनिका निवेशकहरूको पैसा फिर्ता गर्न कम्पनि प्रयासरत भएको बताउँदै यस सम्बन्धमा कम्पनिका उच्च अधिकारीवर्ग सन कुराकानी चलिरहेको जानकारी गराए। लगानिकर्ताहरूको पैसा कम्पनिले आगमी 2021 भित्रमा पूर्णरूपले फिर्ता गर्ने प्रतिश्रुती दिएको बताउँदै यदि पैसा फिर्ता नगरे आफूहरू कम्पनि बिरुद्ध उच्च न्यायलय जान तयार रहेको पनि सूर्यमान विश्वकर्मले बताए। यस अवधी पत्रकारहरूले सोधेको प्रश्नको जवाब दिने क्रममा कम्पनिले लगानिकर्ताहरूको पैसा फिर्ता गर्ने प्रतिबद्धता गरे पनि अहिलेसम्म फिर्ता भने नगरेको पनि तिनले स्वीकार गरेका छन। यद्यपी आफूहरू लगानिकर्ताहरूको पैसा फिर्ता हुने कुरामा आशावादी रहेको बताएका छन्। स्मरण रहोस चिटफण्ड कम्पनि सारदा घोटाला पछि अहिले सम्पूर्ण पैसा वसुली गर्ने कम्पनिहरूका लागानीकर्ताहरूले आफ्नो पैसा फिर्ता मागिरहेको छ। 
यसक्रममा बसिल कम्पनिका लगानिकर्ताहरूले पनि आफ्नो पैसा फिर्ता गर्ने दबाव बनाए पछि बसिल कम्पनिले एकाएक कालेबुङको कार्यलय केही महिना अघि नै बन्द गरेको छ। यसक्रममा आक्रोशित लगानिकर्ताहरूले बसिल कम्पनिको कालेबुङमा अवस्थित कार्यलय तोडफोड गर्ने कार्य भएको थियो भने पुलिसले बसिल कम्पनिको कार्यलयबाट आवश्यक दस्तावेजहरू अघिबाटै जफ्त गरिसकेको छ। 
पुलिसले बसिल कम्पनिको कार्यलयबाट आवश्यक दस्तावेजहरू जफ्त गरे पछि झनै लगानीकर्ताहरूले आफ्नो पैसा फिर्ता नपाउने डरले एजेन्टहरूलाई दबाव बनाउने कार्य गरिरहेको छ। यसै सिलसिलामा लगानीकर्ताहरूलाई पैसा फिर्ता हुने भरोसा दिलाउन कम्पनिका एजेन्टहरूले सभा गरे पनि सभामा पैसा फिर्ता हुने कुनै ग्यारण्टी भने दिन सकेन। यद्यपी कम्पनिमा लगानी गरेको पैसा फिर्ता पाउनको निम्ति लगानीकर्ता अनि एजेन्टहरू सयुक्त रूपमा अघि बड्नुपर्ने कम्पनिका सिनियर एजेन्ट सूर्यमान विश्वकर्मले आह्वान गरेका छन्।

विवाह गर्ने गलत कारणहरू

इ वचन, कालिमन्युज, 30 अक्टोबर 2014: आज धेरै जवानहरूले विवाहको अर्थ वा उद्देश्य नबुझि भावनामा बहेर विवाह गरेका छन् । कतिजना आमा–बाबुको करले विवाहमा प्रवेश गरेका छन् । धेरैले विवाह किन गर्ने हो थाहा नै नपाईं विवाह गरेका छन् । कैयौँ विवाह गलत कारणले भएको हुँदा नै छोटो समयमा नै दुःखदायी अवस्थाबाट विवाहहरू अन्त्य भएका छन् । तसर्थ यहाँ उल्लेखिन विवाह गर्ने पाँच गलत कारणहरूले हामीलाई अझ विवाहको बारेमा बुझनलाई सहयोग गर्नेछन् ।
क. विवाहले एक्लोपनको अन्त्य गर्नेछ
धेरैले आफू एक्लोपनको महसुस गर्दछन्, र एक्लोपनको अन्त गर्न विवाह नै उत्तम बाटो सोचेर विवाह गर्ने निर्णय गर्दछन् । शहरी क्षेत्रका प्रायः मानिसहरू व्यक्तिवादी प्रवृत्तिका भएका हुँदा एकान्त र एक्लोपनको महशुस बढिरहेको छ । विवाह के हो र विवाहपछिको जिम्मेवारी के हुन भन्ने कुराको पर्वाह नगरी विवाह गरेकाहरूले धोका खाएका छन् । विवाहले तपाईंंको उदासिनता र एक्लोपनको अन्त्य गर्छ भन्ने कुनै ग्यारेन्टी छैन । तसर्थ विवाहपूर्व नै सोच्नुहोस् कि तपाईंं कुन कारणले एक्लोपन महशुस गरिरहनुभएको छ । त्यसप्रकारको घायल अवस्थामा विवाह गर्नाले तपाईंंले विवाह गर्नुभएको जिवन–साथीलाई पनि एक्लोपनको अनुभुति गराउनुहुनेछ ।
एक्लै हुनु र एक्लोपन फरक कुरा हो । केही साता अघि नायक राजेश हमालज्यूलाई उहाँ एक्लै बस्नुको कारण अन्तवार्तामा सोधिएको थियो । उनको उत्तर थियो, म अहिले एकलै छु, तर म एक्लो छैन । मदर टेरेसाले पनि भनेका छन्, एक्लोपन नै सबैभन्दा गरिबी हो । अथवा एक्लोपनमा जिउनु सबैभन्दा गरिबीपन हो । तसर्थ किन एक्लोपनको अनुभव भएको छ, त्यससँग व्यवहार गर्नुपर्दछ । कुलतमा फसेको कारण वा कसैले धोखा दिएको कारण पनि एक्लोपनको अनुभव हुन सक्छ । उहाँको उपस्थितिमा ती कुराहरूसँग व्यवहार गरिएको हुनुपर्दछ ।
ख.विवाहले तोडिएको मनलाई निको पार्नेछ
विवाह चोट निको पार्ने औषधी होइन कारण एउटा स्वस्थ विवाह कहिल्यै पनि चोटपूर्ण सम्बन्धको जगमाथि स्थापित हुन सक्दैन । तपाईंंले कसैबाट चोट पाउनुभएको छ वा धोखा खानुभएको कारण त्यस केटा वा केटीलाई देखाउन वा वदला लिनलाई विवाह गर्दै हुनुहुन्छ भने त्यो विवाह कमजोर उद्देश्यमाथि स्थापित विवाह हो । यदि यसो हो भने हामीले गलत विचारमा विवाह गरिरहेका हुनेछौ । कालान्तरमा यसको नोक्शानी आफैंले नै उठाउनुपर्ने हुन्छ । जुन चोट तपाईंंले पाउनुभयो त्यसबाट पाठ सिकेर बरु अरुलाई पनि सतर्क गराउने काम गर्नु धेरै बुद्धिमानी हो । यदि तपाईंंले यसो गर्नुभएको छैन र अझ अरुलाई पनि चोट पुर्‍याउने मनसाय लिनुभएको छ भने योभन्दा मुर्खता अरु केही हुनसक्दैन । किनकि विवाहपछि तपाईंंको जिवन–साथीले तपाईंंका चोटहरू निको पार्न सक्छ भन्ने केही ग्यारेन्टी छैन ।
तपाईंं आफ्ना विगतका सबै चोटहरूबाट पूर्ण रुपमा निको नहुञ्जेलसम्म विवाह नगर्नु असल हो, नत्र तपाईंंले आफ्नो जिवन–साथीलाई झन चोट पु¥याउनुहुनेछ । विवाहपछि चोटपूर्ण व्यक्ति भएर बस्नु भन्दा त बरु विवाह नगरिबस्नु नै उत्तम हो । तसर्थ कसैले यसरी भनेका छन्, “यो संसारमा सबैभन्दा दुःखी मानिसहरू अविवाहितहरू होइनन् तर विवाहितहरूनै हुन्, जोहरू आफ्ना विवाहलाई गल्ती हो भनि विचार गर्दछन् ।
तपाईंंका चोटहरू परमेश्वरकहाँ ल्याउनुहोस् र उहाँलाई दिनुहोस् । उहाँले तपाईंंका आत्मिक, शारीरिक अनि भावनात्मक रोगहरू निको पार्नुहुन्छ । उहाँद्धारा निको पारिएको भई विवाहमा प्रवेश गर्दाको आनन्द भिन्नै हुनेछ ।
मैले एकजना बहिनीको घटना सुनेको थिएँ । उनले एकजना भाईसँग प्रेम गर्दथे । दुबैले पछि गएर विवाह गर्ने निर्णय लिए । उनीहरूको बीचमा पत्रचारको आदान–प्रदान भइनैरहेको थियो । तर बहिनीलाई थाहा नै नदिई भाईले अर्काे केटीसँग विवाह गर्ने निर्णय गरे । उनको मगनी अर्काे केटीसँग तय भयो । दुबैले मगनीपछि निमन्त्रणा कार्ड बाँडे । यो कुरा भाईले पत्र लेखिरहेकी बहिनीले थाहा पाइन् । उनले आफूलाई धोखा दिएको अनुभव गरिन् । किनकि उनले पाँचवर्षदेखि त्यस केटालाई पर्खिरहेकी थिइन् । तर आज अचानक उनले आफूलाई विवाह गर्छु भनेको केटाले अर्काे केटीसँग विवाह गर्न तयार भएको देखेर ती बहिनीको जिवनमा भैचालो नै गयो । उनले केटाको पास्टरलाई यी सबै कुरा बताइन् । यो कुरा थाहा भएपछि मिलाउन धेरै गाह्रो भयो । बहिनीले केटाले लेखेका सबै पत्रहरू पनि पास्टर र अगुवाहरूलाई देखाइन् । उनी रोइन् अनि कराइन् । तर अर्काे विकल्प थिएन । धेरै लामो समयको परामर्शपछि यी बहिनीले केटाको विवाह नरोक्ने सहमत भइन् । उनी विवाहमा आइनन् । ती दुबै केटा र केटीको विवाह भयो । तर पहिले नै अर्काेसँग विवाह गर्ने करार बाँधेको कारण उनीहरूको विवाहमा धेरै समस्याहरू आए । विवाह भएको केटीले पनि ती केटाको पहिलेका सबै कुराहरू थाहा पाइन् जसको कारण लगभग उनीहरू विवाह गरेको केही समयमा नै छोडपत्र गर्न सम्म पुगेका थिए । एक दुई पटकसम्म म पनि उनीहरूलाई प्रार्थनाको निम्ति गएँ ।
चोटहरू लिएर विवाहमा प्रवेश गर्नु डरलाग्दो कुरा हो । तसर्थ विवाहपूर्वका सम्बन्धहरू निको हुनु जरुरी छ । नत्रता त्यसले विवाहपछिका दिनहरू कठिन बनाउनेछ ।
ग. विवाहले सुख र खुशीको सुनिश्चित गराउँदछ ।
अवश्य नै विवाहमा परमेश्वरले आनन्द आनन्द राखिदिनुभएको छ । तर सधै खुशी र सुखको ग्यारेन्टी विवाहले गराउदैन । विवाह गर्नुपर्ने उद्देश्य खुशी र सुखको निम्ति होइन् । विवाहअघि धेरैले सुन्दर संसारको कल्पना गरेका हुन्छन् र त्यस्तो सोचाइ राख्नु गलत अवश्य होइन तर ती सबै विवाहपूर्व देखेका सपनाहरू पूरा हुन्छन भन्ने छैन । काल्पनिक खुशीको सपना देखेर विवाह गरेकाहरूलाई पछि त्यो पूरा नहुँदा दुःखीत हुने र निराश बन्ने अवस्था पक्कै पनि आउँछ । विवाहको अर्थ र उद्देश्य बुझेकाहरूले विवाहपछि आउने संघर्ष र समस्याहरूमाझ पनि आनन्दित भई स्थिर रहन्छन् । तर विवाह खुशीको निम्ति मात्रै हो भन्नेहरूलाई भने समस्या आउँदा खडा भइरहन धेरै गाह्रो हुनेछ र कतिले त त्यस अवस्थामा आफूलाई सम्हाल्न नसकेकाले मृत्युसम्मको गलत निर्णय गर्दछन् ।
विवाह अरुलाई मन राख्न र खुशी राख्नलाई पनि होइन । कसैल तपाईंंलाई धेरै माया गर्छ भन्ने वित्तिकै विवाहको निर्णय गर्नुपर्छ भन्ने छैन । मलाई विवाह नगरे म आत्मा–हत्या गर्छु भन्ने धम्की दिएको कारण यदि उसलाई खुशी पार्नका निम्ति कसैले विवाह गर्ने हो भने, त्यसले डरलाग्दो जोखिमतिर विवाहलाई लैजानेछ । ती जगमा उभिएर गरिएको विवाहले वैवाहिक जीवनमा खुशी दिँदैन किनकि त्यहाँ एउटालाई खुशी पार्न अर्कोले आफ्नो जीवन वलिदान गर्दैछ । यदि मानिसहरूले अरुलाई दया गरेर उसको खुशीको निम्ति विवाह गर्छन् भने त्यहाँ एउटा खराव परम्पराको थालनी भएको छ भन्ने कुरा थाहा हुन्छ । विवाह मानिसलाई दया देखाउन गरिदैन, यो त एक–अर्काप्रति गरिने समर्पण सहितको प्रेम हो ।
घ. परिवारको आवश्यकता पूरा गर्न
मैले एस. एल. सी. पास गरिसेकपछि कलेजको निम्ति म घरदेखि टाढा गएर अध्ययन गर्न जानुपर्ने भयो । मेरी दिदीको विवाह सानै उमेरमा भइसकेकाले घरमा चूलो–चौका गर्ने व्यक्तिको आवश्यकता थियो । मेरा अरु तीनजना भाईहरू सानै थिए । एकदिन कलेजको विदाको समयमा घर आएको थिए । मेरो बोजु (प्रायः म आमा भनेर बोलाउने गर्छु) ले विवाहको कुरा उठाउनुभयो । त्यतिबेला म केवल १८ बर्षमा मात्र भर्खर टेक्दै थिएँ । कतै मेरो विवाहको उत्सवलाई नदेखी उहाँको जीवन वितेर पो जान्छ कि भन्ने उहाँ सम्झनुहुन्थ्यो । मलाई भने त्यस समयमा विवाहको निम्ति कुनै चाहना नै थिएन । हो, घरमा चुला चौका गर्ने व्यक्तिको आवश्यकता निश्चय नै थियो तर त्यो नै विवाहको मुख्य कारण हो भनेर मैले ठानिनँ । मेरो सोच त अझ धेरै पढ्ने नै थियो । त्यसैले मैलै बारम्बार बोजु (आमा) को प्रस्तावलाई अस्विकार गर्दैगएँ । त्यस कुराले अवश्य पनि मेरी बोजुलाई ठूलो चोट पुग्यो होला, तर पनि मेरो निम्ति विवाह गरेको भए म खुशी हुन सक्ने थिइनँ र मेरो पढ्ने सपनाहरू अधुरो नै रहनेथिए । किनकि विवाह भनेको के हो भन्ने कुरा मलाई त्यतीबेलासम्म पनि केही थाहा थिएन ।
मैले बोजुलाई भन्ने गर्थेँ कि एकदिन समय आउनेछ र म विवाह गर्ने छु । जब म विवाहको लागि तयार हुनेछु अनि तपाईं लाई अवश्य जानकारी गराउनेछु । मेरो विवाह नभएसम्म परमेश्वरले तपाईंंलाई उठाउनुहुने छैन ।
जब म २३ वर्षको भएँ, मैले प्रेम गरेकी मेरी श्रीमतिलाई लिएर बोजुलाई भेट्न गाउँमा गएँ । अनि त्यस पछि बोजुले सोध्नुभयो –“यी नानीचाहिँ को हुन नि ?” मैले भने “देल्मी” हुन् । देल्मीको अर्थ थुलुङ्ग भाषामा वुहारी भनेको हो । मैले फेरी भनेँः “हामीले प्राथना गरिरहेका छौँ ।”
यो कुराले उँहा अत्यन्तै खुसी हुनुभयो । साँच्चै हामीले त्यसको एकवर्षपछि सन् १९९६ अप्रिलमा विवाह ग¥यो । सायद मैले त्यो बेला मेरी बोजुको भावकुतालाई देखेर विवाह गरेको भए, म धेरै खराब दिनहरूबाट भएर गुज्रनेथिए होला ।
प्रिय मित्र कतै तपाईं कसैको करकापमा परेर वा परिवारको आवश्यकता देखेर कतै विवाह गर्दैहुनुहुन्छ कि ? तपाईंले विवाह के हो भन्ने कुरा थाहै नगरि वैवाहिक जीवन प्रवेश गर्नुभयो भने त्यसबाट तपाईंंले धेरै सघर्ष गर्नुपर्ने हुन्छ । किनकि त्यो विवाह गर्नुपर्ने बाइबलीय कारण होइन ।
म आज पनि मलाई धरान पवित्र मण्डलीको एक जना गुरुङ्ग दाई र दिदीको याद आउँछ । दिदीको विवाह गर्ने इच्छा नहुँदा–हुदै पनि परिवारको दवावका कारण विवाह गर्नु भएको थियो । मैले थाहा पाएसम्म केटीले केटासँग विवाह गर्न चाहेका थिएनन । विवाह भएको एक वर्षसम्म तिनीहरू एक साथ रहेर पनि एउटै पलंगमा सुत्न सकेनन् र आखिरमा केहि वर्षको अन्तरालमा दुवैको जवानी अवस्थामानै मृत्यु भयो । आज दिनप्रतिदिन यस्ता कहालीलाग्दा दुखद घटनाहरू दोहोरिरहेका छन् ।
गत अषाढ महिनामा हो भन्ठान्छु, एकदिन कान्तिपुरमा एउटा चित्र सहित समाचार छापिएको थियो, जसमा एक जना व्यक्ति बन्दको कारण आफ्नो पत्नीलाई विवाह पछि रिक्सामा चढाएर हतार साथ टुडिखेल नजिक गइरहेको थियो । अझै तल क्याप्सनमा लेखिएको थियो, उक्त नव विवाहित श्रीमानचाहिँ त्यसको भोलि पल्टै कतार उड्दैछन् । कस्तो विडम्बना ! कसको निम्ति ती दुलहाले त्यति हतारमा विवाह गरेको हुन् ? पुरानो करारको विधिअनुसार त सेनामा काम गर्ने पुरुषले भखरैमात्र विवाह गरेको
भए १ वर्षसम्म पत्नीसँग रहनको निम्ति विदा पाउनुपर्ने कुरा लेखिएको छ (व्यवस्था २४ः५) । एकजना जवान केटाले विवाह गर्नुपर्ने कारण आमा–बाबुको निम्ति खाना पकाउने व्यक्ति नभएको कारणले हो भने त्यो गलत हो । कहिले काहिँ आमा–बाबु दुबै धेरै बृद्ध छन र उनीहरूलाई देखभाल गर्ने अन्य दाज्यू–भाईहरू नभएको खण्डमा सोच्नुपर्ने हुन्छ । तर किन विवाह गर्ने हो सो बारेमा थाहा पाउनु जरुरी हुन्छ । विशषगरि विवाह गर्ने केटा र केटीले यो देशको कानुनबमोजिम उमेरको हदलाई पनि ध्यान दिनुपर्ने हुन्छ । नेपालको कानुन अनुसार केटा अठाह्र वर्ष र केटी सोह्रवर्ष पुगेको हुनुपर्दछ । उमेरको साथै उनीहरू दुबै शारीरिक, भावनात्मक, आर्थिक र आत्मिक रीतिले पनि तयार हुनुपर्दछ ।
ङ. विवाह सबैको निम्ति परमेश्वरकोे योजना हो ।
विवाह सबै मानिसका निम्ति अनिवार्य हो भनेर सबैलाई विवाहको निम्ति ठोकुवा गर्नु बाइबलीय होइन । मत्ती १९ः१२ मा प्रभु येशुले फरिसीहरूको प्रश्नको उत्तरमा यो शिक्षा सिकाउनुभयो, “किनकी कोही त जन्मैदेखी नै नपुसंक हुन्छन्, अरुलाई चाहिँ मानिसहरूले त्यस्ता बनाए, अनि अरुले चाहिँ स्वर्गको राज्यको लागि विवाह गर्न रुचाउँदैनन् । जसले यो स्वकिार गर्न सक्छ त्यसले गरोस् ।”
पावलले १ कोरिन्थी ७ः२८ मा विवाहमा धेरै दुःख हुने हुनाले त्यसबाट जोगाउन चाहन्छु भनी सल्लाह दिएका छन् । तसर्थ कोही विवाह नगरि नै एकलो भएर नै जीवनभर रहन चाहन्छ भने त्योे बाइबलीय छ । हाम्रो समाजमा प्रायः पाको उमेरसम्म अविवाहित रहेमा नकारात्मक रुपमा हेर्ने गरिन्छ । कसलाई के थाहा परमेश्वरले उनीहरूलाई त्यसैको निम्ति पनि बनाउनुभएको हो भनेर । यसकारण विवाह नगरी बस्नेहरूले दुखित हुने कुनै कारण छैन । विवाहित हुनु र अविवाहित भएर जिउनु दुवै नै परमेश्वका दान हुन् । विवाह गर्ने कुनै चाहना नै छैन उमेर ढल्की सक्यो साथीहरूले जिस्काउन सक्छन् भनेर तपाईं जिवन–साथीको खोजीमा निस्कनुभएको छ भने त्यो गलत हो ।
धेरै जवान बहिनीहरू आफ्नो विवाहको बस छुट्ने डरले चाँडै विवाहको निम्ति सहमति दिन्छन् । यदि तपाईंं ख्रीष्टियान केटी हुनुहुन्छ भने सधै याद गर्नुहोस्, जिवन चाहिँ पति पाउनुभन्दा उत्तम हो । परमप्रभुमा समर्पित हुनुहोस् जसको निम्ति उहाँले तपाईंंलाई बोलाउनुभएको छ । यदि अविवाहित रहेर नै सेवकाइ गर्नुपर्छ भने पनि तयार रहनुहोस् । विवाह गरेर भविश्यमा समस्याहरूले झेलिनुभन्दा विवाह नगरि प्रभुको सेवा गर्नु असल हुन्छ । विवाह गर्ने वित्तिकै खुशी हुन्छ भन्ने ग्यारेन्टी छैन नत्र आज धेरै विवाहितहरू किन असन्तुष्ट छन् । विश्वासको परिपक्वता विवाहले ल्याउदैन । नेपाली समाजले भन्ने गर्छन्, विवाह नगरेसम्म उ परिपक्व मानिस बन्दैन । तर परमेश्वरको अघि परिपक्व र भरोसायोग्य हुनेकुरा मैले विवाह गरेको छु कि छैन भन्ने कुरामा निर्भर रहदैन ।
धेरै कारणहरूले पनि धेरै जवानहरूले विवाह गर्न इच्छा नहुँदा नहुँदै पनि विवाहमा प्रवेश गर्छन् ।
सुरक्षाको कारण
हरेक अविवाहित आफ्नो जिवनमा अविवाहित हुदा आउने डरहरूले सताइरहन्छ । सकभर बृद्धा उमेरमा आउने आर्थिक दरिद्रता । साथै सामजिक सुरक्षाका कुराहरू पनि छन् । तर विवाह नै हाम्रो आर्थिक र भावनात्मक सुरक्षा होइन । आफ्नो जिवनको सुरक्षा परमेश्वरमा खोज्नुपर्दछ भजनसँग्रह १२१ः८, भजनसँग्रह ४०ः११) । परमेश्वरसँगको सम्बन्धले नै सुरक्षा दिन्छ । नत्र आज धेरै विवाहहरू छुटने थिएनन् । एकले अर्काेलाई चोट पार्ने काम हुनेथिएन ।
सन्तान लोप भएर जाने डरको कारण
हरेक विवाह भित्र परमेश्वरले सन्तानको आशिष राखिदिनुभएको छ । तर के सन्तान हुनु मात्र सुरक्षा हो र ? धेरै सन्तानहरूले आमा–बाबुलाई छोडेका छन् । कयौं आमा–बाबु बृद्ध आश्रममा छन् । यसैले सबै छोराछोरी भएका आमा–बाबु खुशी नै छन् भन्ने छैन । छोराछोरीहरूद्धारा धेरै दुःख कष्ट पाएका धेरै आमा–बाबुहरू हामी देख्छौ ।
सबै विवाह गरेका जोडीहरूसँग आफ्ना नानीहरू हुन्छन् नै भन्ने छैन् । पावलले कहिल्यै विवाह गरेनन तापनि उनी कहिल्यै आर्थिक कुराहरूको बारेमा फिक्री गरेनन् । आर्थिक अभाव थिएन भन्ने होइन तर उनले ती सबै कुराहरूले उनको मिसनको कार्यमा कुनै बाधा ल्याएन । उनका शारीरिक सन्तान नभएतापनि उनका आत्मिक हजारौ सन्तानहरू थिए । उनले गरेका सेवाको कारण उनलाई वास्ता गर्ने मानिसहरूको कहिल्यै अभाव भएन । हामीहरूमध्ये जतिजना अविवाहति रहने निर्णय गरेका छौ । हामी प्रभुको सेवामा लागिरहौं, उहाँले नै हामीलाई धेरैभन्दा धेरै आत्मिक छोराछोरीहरू दिनुहुनेछ, जसले हामीलाई आफ्नो कोखको सन्तानले भन्दा धेरै माया दिनेछन् । मदर टेरेसा एकलै भारतको कोलकत्ता आइन् । जिवनभर विवाह गरिनन् तापनि उनी कहिल्यै एक्लोपनको महसुस गरिनन् । परमेश्वरप्रतिको उनको समर्पणता र मानिसहरूप्रतिको सेवाको कारण उनले हजारौं सन्तानहरू पाइन् ।
पावलले तिमोथीलाई आफ्नो आत्मिक छोरा भनि बोलाउछन् । विशेष गरि उनले तिमोथीलाई उनले विश्वासमा डोहोरयाए (१ तिमोथी १ः१, २ तिमोथी २ः१) ।
अविवाहित भएर जिउनेहरूप्रति मण्डलीको दायित्व
आपूm अविवाहित भएकोमा हरेक जवान भाई र बहिनीले हामी उत्सव मनाउन सिक्नुपर्दछ । हामी परमेश्वरलाई चिनेका व्यक्तिहरूको निम्ति जिवन जिउनुको अर्थ अझ बढि छ । हामीले जिवनलाई उत्सव मनाउनुपर्दछ । यो पृथ्वीमा हामीलाई परमेश्वरले दिनुभएको जिवनलाई रमाइलो गर्न सिक्नुपर्दछ । चाहे हामी विवाह गरौ या अविवाहित नै रहौं, जिवन एउटा महान उत्सव हो । यदि यो पृथ्वीमा हामी यो जिवनमा रमाउन सक्दैनौ भने स्वर्ग हाम्रो निम्ति दिक्कलाग्दो स्थान हुनेछ । यो जिवनलाई रमाइलो बनाउने काम हाम्रो हो । पति वा पत्नी पाउनेबित्तिकै जिवन सधै रमाइलो हुन्छ भन्ने छैन । विवाह परमेश्वरको योजना भएजस्तै अविवाहित रहने पनि धेरैको निम्ति परमेश्वरको योजना हो । आफ्नो जिवन अहरूहरूको सेवामा समर्पित गरेर जिवनलाई आनन्ददायी बनाउनुपर्दछ ।
हरेक मण्डलीहरूले स्थानिय मण्डलीमा भएका अविवाहित भाइ र बहिनीहरूलाई हौसला दिनुपर्दछ । उनीहरूलाई विवाह गर्नको निम्ति बलजफ्ती गर्नुहुन्न । उनीहरूलाई परमेश्वरमा भरोसा राख्न सिकाउनुपर्दछ । संसारका विभिन्न धर्ममा हे¥यौ भने अविवाहित रहेर सेवा गर्ने मानिसहरू हामी पाउँछौ । उनीहरू अविवाहित रहेकोमा नै हामी उनीहरूसँग रमाउनुपर्दछ ।
तर अविवाहित भएर रहन चाहानेहरूले विवाहितहरूलाई पनि गलत बुझ्नुहुँदैन । मैले केही वर्ष अघि बौद्ध धर्मका भिक्षु तथा गायिका आनी डोल्मा छिरिङको अन्तवार्ता हेरिरहेको थिएँ । उनलाई विवाह गर्नुपर्छ भन्ने मन लाग्दैन भन्ने प्रश्नमा उहाँको जवाफले म चकित भएको थिएँ । उनले भनिन, विवाह गरेको राम्रो लाग्दैन । विवाह गर्नु भनेको समस्याहरूमा झेलिनु हो, जस्ता उत्तर दिइन् । उनको भनाइमा विवाहसम्बन्धी गलत धारणा रहेको पाएँ ।
बाइबल धर्मशास्त्रले पनि अविवाहित रहनु पनि असल हो भनि बताएको छ । तसर्थ कुन असल हो र कुन खराब हो भन्नु उचित देखिदैन । तर कोही अविवाहित नै रहन चाहन्छ भने, उसले असलै गर्दछ । तर यदि तिनीहरूले आपूmलाई वसमा राख्न सक्दैनन भने तिनीहरूले विवाह गरुन् । किनभने कामवासनामा जल्नुभन्दा विवाह गर्नु असल हो (१ कोरिन्थी ७ः९) । साभार र कृतज्ञता  http://ebachan.com/

A Nature’s unknown treasure sans laud

SNS, Kurseong 27 October: Darjeeling Hills is a tourism place and it is famous worldwide for its natural beauty. However, there are several unexplored natural spots in the hills, which are, yet to be developed and highlighted by the concerned authorities.
Mulkharka Phusray Natural Lake is one of the attractive and unexplored lakes in the Hills but due to lack of popularity, the lake is presently neglected. It is situated around 65km from Kalimpong town at Pithamachi Busty , (around 7000 feet above sea level ) under Algarah Block II in the Kalimpong sub division. The length of the lake is about 150 metres.
A villager said that for the interest of the local people, the concerned authorities should take immediate measures to preserve the lake as well as to find it a place in the tourism map. He also said that so far, no proper steps have been taken by the concerned authorities to upgrade and highlight the lake.
Hence, the authorities should announce it as a tourist spot with the aid of the tourism department.
He also informed that presently there is no proper road connectivity to the place which is why such a beautiful spot remains neglected. Still, a few tourists visit the place occasionally whenever it gets media coverage. However even the Hill people and most of the tourist visiting Darjeeling are still unaware about the lake due to lack of popularity of the lake.
More importantly, it is said that the birds nesting around the lake pick up all the leaves that fall in the lake and keep it clean. Some locals believe that some divine power works in the lake.
They also believe that if any one tries to pollute the water of the river they may face adverse consequesnces. However other opine that the birds actually pick up the leaves to eat up the tiny worms that have remained floating on the leaf.
Whatever may be the fact the lake can be a good tourist attraction if developed properly. Sources said that the GTA officials have now been taking initiatives todevelop and explore this divine lake but it is a matter of speculation when it will opened to the public and the tourist in general.