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28 Mar 2017


SNS, Bagdogra, 27 March 2017: The chief minister Mamata Banerjee arrived in Bagdogra airport today and left for Jalpaiguri to attend her official programme.
She is on her five-day tour to the northern parts of north Bengal.
Miss Banerjee held a meeting with the Tribal Advisory Development Council in Jalpaiguri. She will also hold an administrative meeting there tomorrow following which she will address a meeting on the private nursing homes and also address a government programme, where she is likely to inaugurate and lay foundation stones of some projects. The CM will also hold an administrative meet with the Darjeeling and Kalimpong district administrations at Pintail Village in Siliguri on 29 March. She will announce Mirik as a new sub division of Darjeeling district on 30 March and will return to Kolkata on 31 March.
When asked about the Supreme Court's observation that Aadhar card could not be made mandatory for welfare schemes, Miss Banerjee refused to comment at the airport.
Around 100 people belonging to different communities thronged at the Bagdogra airport and at the road connecting the same in their traditional attire to welcome Miss Banerjee.
The president of Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad (ABAVP) and chairman of Dooars Terai Adivasi Task Force, Birsa Tirkey, who was present at the airport along with senior ABAVP functionary Tej Kumar Toppo, said they wanted the task force should be transformed into Dooars Terai Adivasi Development Board. The members of Darjeeling Adivasi Mahasabha were also present at the airport. The organisation is demanding a separate Adivasi development board.
Meanwhile, the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha (GJMM) renewed the Gorkhaland demand. Buoyed by the meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the party has geared up to raise the demand.
The party chief Bimal Gurung challenged chief minister Mamata Banerjee that even '100 visits' to the Hills would not help Trinamul Congress win the ensuing civic body polls, though many GJMM leaders have joined Trinamul Congress in the Hills last week.
Among them, former vice-chairperson of Kurseong municipality Kalpana Pradhan, former chairman of Mirik municipality L. B. Rai switched to Trinamul Congress.
Trinamul Chhatra Parishad (TAMP) won the students' union election at Bijanbari Degree College in Darjeeling by defeating GJMM backed Gorkha Janmukti Vidyarthi Morcha.
The announcement of Mirik sub division would also be a boost for the Trinamul Congress ahead of the polls, feels observers.



SNS, Kalimpong, 27 March: Gorkha JanMukti Morcha (GJMM) leader associated with central committee and study forum held a marathon meeting at Delo in Kalimpong to day. GJMM convened a meeting here today following development in a meeting with Modi and a meeting of federation of new states in Mumbai. GJMM chief Mr Bimal Gurung was interacting with his party leaders including three MLAs and leaders from the Hills, the Dooars and Siliguri Terai, According to party general secretary Mr Roshan Giri, party leaders were briefed o n the recent development in Delhi with the meeting with Modi.

Soon, solar plants on roofs of govt offices, schools and colleges: Sobhandeb

Soon, solar plants on roofs of govt offices, schools and colleges: SobhandebMP | 27 March 2017 10:53 AM | Kolkata: State power department is keen to generate solar energy in the state by setting up solar plants on roofs of government offices, schools and colleges, state Power minister Sobhandeb Chatterjee said at Rampurhat in Birbhum on Monday. Chatterjee visited the district to inaugurate a solar power plant at Rampurhat College on Monday. The minister also offered prayers at Tarapith during his trip. Rampurhat MLA and the state minister Asish Banerjee also accompanied Chatterjee.
While talking to the media, Chatterjee said the state government is stressing on producing solar energy. The rural electrification project is on the verge of completion.
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee laid an emphasis on the solar energy through a project called "Aloshree" under which solar plants are being set up on the rooftops of various government offices across the state. A few months ago Chatterjee held a high-level meeting with senior officials of the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA) and the district officials instructing them to identify the office buildings where solar panels could be installed. The state government has already given a lot of stress on renewable energy.
A great deal of work has already been done by the power department to produce energy from solar power. It will not only reduce the dependency on other energy sources but will also help the government buildings to develop energy required for their own consumption.
The project aims at installing grid-connected solar system in government offices which will prove handy to preserve the natural resources.
The project would be conducted in various phases. In a major development, the canal bank solar photovoltaic (PV) project of 10 MW has come up at Haptiagachh in North Dinajpur. West Bengal is a pioneer in setting up canal bank solar PV projects in the country.
Three more solar PV projects with a capacity of 10 MW each will come up at Santaldih and Chhara in Purulia and Mejia in Bankura. The Power department has also taken up an elaborate scheme to set up 500 MW ultra mega solar parks in the districts of East Midnapore, West Midnapore and Bankura respectively.


Big cats & dogs: Can they co-exist in Buxa?

Krishnendu Bandyopadhyay | TNN | Mar 28, 2017, KOLKATA: A never-before experiment in Bengal — to reintroduce tigers in a forest that has not reported a steady sighting of the big cat for nearly three decades — has raised questions about the pitfalls of tinkering with nature. The National Tiger Conservation Authority, a wing of the Union ministry of environment and forests, and the state have decided to relocate at least six Bengal tigers from Assam to the Buxa tiger reserve (BTR) in north Bengal. But Buxa has not had an officially recognised tiger sighting since the early 1990s and this vacuum has been filled up by a host of smaller predators, like leopards, clouded leopards and wild dogs.
Experts now wonder whether this forest has the prey base to accommodate both "the dogs" (the old occupants) and "the cats" (the new occupants) and what impact this may have on the forest and its inhabitants.
A recent camera-trap study on lesser cats in four key ranges of Buxa managed to capture only one image of spotted deer — a favourite prey of not only tigers but also wild dogs and leopards, population of which has grown inside the park. A melanistic leopard — probably the first photo evidence of the animal in Buxa — and a clouded leopard were clicked in the forest last year as were images of endangered wild dogs and a large Indian civet cat.
"From the foothills to dense vegetation, cameras have captured images of wild dogs at several locations. Low density of tigers seems to have paved way for population growth of these small predators. This also points to a good prey base," said Buxa field director Ujjal Ghosh. But, experts are worried if the existing prey base can sustain both the relocated tigers and the small predators in Buxa, where large-scale cattle grazing — more than a lakh cattleheads enter the forest every year — has led to loss of habitat like grasslands in the park.
Asked if the 'absence' of tigers can lead to population growth of small predators, conservation scientist Ullas Karanth said, "It's possible, particularly in case of wild dogs (dholes) and leopards which hunt some of the same prey as the tiger." But, he feels mere sighting of predators or "presence data" do not indicate high prey densities.
Ajanta Dey of NGO NEWS, which had done a study on lesser cats in the park, is upbeat. "Forests in Jayanti, Gadadhar, Newlands and Phanskhawa have good prey density with herbivores like Himalayan serow, goral, hog deer, barking deer and spotted deer. Grasslands have been developed in Nimati and Hatipota too. If the officials manage to address the problem of cattle grazing inside the reserve, I believe the tiger relocation plan will succeed in the long run," she said. A prey-base estimation was undertaken in Buxa recently.
Though a recent study by Wildlife Conservation Society in forests of South India revealed that tigers, wild dogs and leopards have developed smart adaptations to coexist, Padma Shri Ullas Karanth has a word of caution. "My research shows that a prey base of 500 medium and large-sized ungulates is needed to support a single wild tiger. Therefore, I think the first step should be to conduct research to estimate prey densities to know how many tigers can be supported in the park now and how many in future. This basic research has not been done in Buxa, I think. Introducing tigers without adequate prey base, a small area, and proximity to high-density human settlements may lead to serious conflict in future. Of the dozens of attempts to introduce tigers over the years, only one in Panna has fully succeeded. All others have failed, sometimes with tragic consequences for tigers as well as for local people," said the WCS director for science in Asia.
"Conservation efforts will be even harder if local people turn hostile to tigers. It is likely that these introduced tigers will range widely initially, and given the small size of Buxa (750 sqkm) and high human density around it, there is a high probability of human-tiger conflicts. I am not sure this is a wise decision, if it it is true at all," Karanth signed off.

File picture of policemen riding a bike without helmet in
Nadia’s Santipur
SUBHASISH CHAUDHURI, TT, Krishnagar, March 27:They say practise what you preach. A police constable in Nadia today learnt what it actually means.
A group of village youths today caught the police constable riding a motorcycle without helmet at the same spot where cops have been fining bikers for the offence as part of the chief minister's Safe Drive, Save Life intiative.
A team from Krishnaganj police station had to eventually fine the constable Rs 100 before the villagers allowed him to go.
Around 50 youths from Chandannagar village today gathered at the spot in Krishnaganj where the police had been detaining and fining youths riding bikes without helmets for the past few days.Constable Bishu Dey, who was returning home after completing his duty at a higher secondary exam centre, was stopped by the group of villagers who asked him why he was riding a bike without a helmet.
Dey tried to convince the youths, saying he was busy in exam duty and had forgotten to bring the helmet in rush. But the villagers were relentless.
The youths insisted that Dey and the civic police volunteer riding pillion would be released only after the constable was fined and given a receipt by the cops from the local police station.
"We told the constable to pay up, just like we have to. We are never spared. We called the police from Krishnaganj police station and kept the constable detained until senior officers arrived," said Bidyut Das, one of the villagers.
A little later, Krishnaganj officer in charge Mukunda Bhattacharya arrived at the spot and requested that the constable be allowed to go, but to no avail.Around 50 youths from Chandannagar village today gathered at the spot in Krishnaganj where the police had been detaining and fining youths riding bikes without helmets for the past few days.
Constable Bishu Dey, who was returning home after completing his duty at a higher secondary exam centre, was stopped by the group of villagers who asked him why he was riding a bike without a helmet.
Dey tried to convince the youths, saying he was busy in exam duty and had forgotten to bring the helmet in rush. But the villagers were relentless.
The youths insisted that Dey and the civic police volunteer riding pillion would be released only after the constable was fined and given a receipt by the cops from the local police station.
"We told the constable to pay up, just like we have to. We are never spared. We called the police from Krishnaganj police station and kept the constable detained until senior officers arrived," said Bidyut Das, one of the villagers.
A little later, Krishnaganj officer in charge Mukunda Bhattacharya arrived at the spot and requested that the constable be allowed to go, but to no avail.
"Bhattacharya and other senior officers admonished Bishu Dey for riding without a helmet, but requested us to let him go without the fine. That was unacceptable. There has to be equality in treating law violation," said Bimal Biswas, another villager.
"The state government's initiative to save lives on roads is good, but it is for everyone. The police cannot be an exception," Biswas added.
The constable was eventually allowed to go, but only after he had paid a fine of Rs 100 and was issued a challan by the officers.
"Yes, we fined him on the spot for riding the bike without helmet and told him to show the documents of the bike. We do the same with any citizen," officer in charge Bhattacharya said.
Local panchayat member Apurba Biswas said the villagers were desperate to catch any policeman violating the law as the cops had been allegedly harassing bikers in the name of routine checks.
"They found an opportunity today and gave the law-enforcer a taste of his own medicine," Biswas said.
Sources said the anger of the villagers was the fallout of an incident on Sunday night when two youths without helmets were detained and allegedly harassed by some policemen on their way to a hospital to see a patient.
"Nobody is beyond the law. Cops should be more careful and exemplary in conduct before the people," said Nadia police chief Sheeshram Jhanjharia.

Camera trap theft

TT, Jalpaiguri, March 27: One of the camera traps installed in Neora Valley National Park to monitor the movement of tigers has been found to be stolen, senior forest department officers said today.
The forest department has filed a complaint at Kalimpong police station and initiated a probe on its own.
On January 18, a cab driver had clicked a photo of a Royal Bengal Tiger while his vehicle was passing on a road located on the fringes of the park. The forest department immediately took the task of installing eight camera traps at different locations inside the jungle to monitor the movement of the big cat and know its population and areas of habitat
"On Saturday, while patrolling the park, our staff found one of the camera traps had been stolen. This means we can no longer get photos of tigers in case they move through that area," N.S. Murali, the chief conservator of forests (wildlife, north Bengal), said.
A senior forester said the department was worried as reports of tiger poaching had come from different parts of the country.

State to form SC council: Mamata - CM promises santhal language dictionary

Mamata speaks to the media in Jalpaiguri on Monday. Picture by Biplab Basak
TT, Jalpaiguri, March 27: Chief minister Mamata Banerjee today announced that the state would soon form an advisory council for the development of Scheduled Caste communities.
The announcement came after she held the second meeting of the Tribal Advisory Council at the PWD inspection bungalow here today. The council was formed last year to expedite the socio-economic development of adivasis in the state.
"There are around 30 lakh students in our state from different Scheduled Caste communities and the total SC population in Bengal is in crores. To give impetus to the comprehensive development of the SCs, we have decided to form an SC Advisory Council in the state," Mamata told newspersons this evening.
The announcement, observers said, reflects the common strategy taken by Mamata to keep disgruntled communities in the hills happy.
"In the hills, she has announced the formation of development boards one after another, as representatives of different hill communities approached her. This time, she has taken the same strategy of addressing the demands of Scheduled Castes of the state. After the tribal advisory council was formed, grievances were articulated by a number of forums representing different SC communities," an observer said.
Through today's announcement, the chief minister intends to pass the message that the state has plans to stand by the SC population, who forms a sizeable portion of Bengal's vote bank.
Mamata, who is well aware of the presence of tribal population in the rural pockets, tea estates and forest villages of north Bengal, said the government was creating a dictionary of "Alchiki," a language spoken by Santhals.
"We want languages of different communities like Rajbangshis and Santhals to be used as the medium of instruction in education. That is why we are focussing on these languages. The task of preparing a comprehensive dictionary on Alchiki language is a part of this initiative," she said.
In north Bengal, there has been a consistent demand from Santhals and Rajbangshis to introduce their languages as the medium of instruction. Mamata's move, observers said, would surely placate the grievances of these communities.
The chief minister also mentioned monthly assistance of Rs 400 provided to the SC students.
"We cannot increase the amount as the Centre is taking away a hefty portion from the state exchequer. In tea gardens, we are providing several services. A central minister had said the Centre would reopen seven closed tea estates but could not keep the commitment," she said.
She was referring to the Centre's move to acquire seven tea estates of Duncans' Goenka Group.
Mamata welcomed the Supreme Court order on Aadhar. "We welcome the order of the Supreme Court. It is wrong on the part of the Centre to come up with a directive that a person cannot get pension or withdraw money from bank without Aadhar," Mamata said.
She denied the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha's allegation that the government was infringing on the functioning of the GTA.

Non-cooperation slur on hill banks

Vivek Chhetri, TT, Darjeeling, March 27: The Darjeeling Tea Association today said planters were forced to pay wages in cash because of non-cooperation by banks though most workers had opened bank accounts.
Bankers said there was a "huge exercise" to be completed to help tea gardens pay wages to workers through accounts and it would take more time.
"Almost 80 per cent of tea garden workers in the hills have bank accounts now. However, many gardens are forced to pay wages in cash as accounts of a lot of workers are not yet operational. We have information that some banks have confidential internal communications, directing local branches not to entertain garden workers," said Sandeep Mukherjee, the principal advisor to the DTA.
The hills have 87 tea gardens which employ around 55,000 permanent workers and 10,000 temporary labourers.
"The gardens are to set up Customer Service Points and appoint Customer Service Personnel who will liaison with tea garden workers and the bank. Many banks have not yet appointed the personnel. New ATMs haven't been set up in the hills either," alleged Mukherjee.
He said many banks demanded that the workers' accounts be opened in a tea estate's principal bank. "However, many principal banks which are in Calcutta do not have branches in the hills," said the DTA representative.
The association has asked tea gardens to collect specific instances of non-cooperation by banks by April 5 and compile a report. "We will send the report to the Prime Minister's Office and the finance minister," said Mukherjee.
The associations fears that the industry might be hauled up by the Centre for failing to follow its directive to credit wages to workers accounts.
Some bank officials said it was unfair to criticise the lenders in general. "Some banks have set up Customer Service Points. Some might not have done so. As far as I know, there is no confidential communication asking us not to entertain garden workers," said a banker who didn't want to be named.
"All paper works need to be right for an account to be activated. In many cases, the papers works were not properly done and hence, there is the delay. There is pressure on the bank infrastructure and for such a huge exercise to streamline, it will take more time," said the banker.
Another banker in Darjeeling attributed the delay in activating accounts to workers' lack of "banking knowledge".
"The workers have opened accounts but they have little banking knowledge. Many are reluctant to use ATMs cards. There are problems here and there but things are getting sorted out slowly," he said.

गोर्खाल्याण्डको मुद्दालाई गोजमुमोले चुनावी मुद्दा बनाएको आरोप .....जापले भ्रष्टचार मुक्त नगरपालिका बनाउनेछ – डा. हर्कबहादुर छेत्री

डी.के. वाइबा, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ २७ अप्रेल। ‘चौकि बचाउन साह्रो पर्‍यो भने आखिरमा विमल गुरुङ तृणमूल कङ्ग्रेसमा जानेछन् तर, यो हर्कबहादुर छेत्री तृणमूल कङ्ग्रेसमा कहिल्यै जानेछैन’ – उक्त कुरा जन आन्दोलन पार्टीका अध्यक्ष डा. हर्कबहादुर छेत्रीले भनेका हुन्।
विशेष गरेर सम्भवत मई महिनामा सम्पन्न हुने नगरपालिका चुनावलाई लिएर अहिलेघरी जन आन्दोलन पार्टीले चुनावी अभियान तिव्रताको साथमा अघि बढाउने कार्य गरिरहेको छ। यसैक्रममा जापको धारावाहिक जनसभाको आज छैटौँ दिन टाउनहलमा आयोजित सभालाई डा. छेत्रीले सम्बोधन गर्दै विमल गुरुङले केवल आफ्नो सत्ता र चौकि मात्र बचाउने राजनीति गर्ने गरेको आरोप लगाउँदै ‘सत्ता र चौकिको निम्ति तृणमूलमा समेत जानेछन्’ भनेका हुन्।
हाल गोजमुमो अध्यक्ष विमल गुरुङ अनि गोजमुमो पार्टीले प्रधान मन्त्री नरेन्द्र मोदीलाई भेट गरेर गोर्खाल्याण्डको माग गरेको भन्दै नगरपालिका चुनावको निम्ति ‘नयाँ स्टन्ट अप्नाएको’ आरोप लगाएका छन्। उनले आफ्नो सम्बोधनको क्रममा मोर्चा अध्यक्ष एवम् जीटीए प्रमुख विमल गुरुङको खोइरो खन्दै आफुलाई केहिदिन अघि कुनै पनि धर्म नमान्ने आरोप लगाएको सन्दर्भ झिकेर ‘तिमी त जीटीएको हेड पुजारी हौ तर धुप घुमाएर पूजा गर्दैमा तिमी धार्मिक भन्ने पट्क्क होइनौँ। तिमीलाई जनताले जीटीएको चौकिमा पूजा गर्न पठाएको होइन। काम गर्न पठाएको नेताले जनताको काम गर्नुपर्छ। ईश्वरको नाउँमा झुटको धुप धेर नघुमाऊ’ डा. छेत्रीले भने। यसैक्रममा उनले कालेबुङ नगरपालिकामा जनताले मोर्चाली अस्वीकार गर्ने निश्चित भएको देखेपछि प्रधानमन्त्री मोदीलाई भेटेर गोर्खाल्याण्ड मागे भन्ने हल्ला फैलाउने कार्य गरेको पनि आरोप लगाए। ‘मोदीलाई भेटेर गोर्खाल्याण्ड मागे भन्दैछौँ। खै सरकारबाट आजसम्म किन त्यस भेटघाटको समाचार सार्वजनिक भएन?’ डा छेत्रीले प्रश्न तेर्साए।
‘प्रजातन्त्रमा जनताले आ-आफ्नो राजनीति गर्ने अधिकार पाएका छन्। यति हुँदा हुँदै पनि यसपल्टको नगरपालिका चुनावमा जनताले जनप्रतिनिधी छान्ने कार्य गर्दा भने सचेतता अप्नाउँनैपर्छ’ डा. छेत्रीले भने। उनले सोझै जन आन्दोलन पार्टीलाई भोट दिने अपिल नगरेपनि ‘गुण्डा ट्याक्स उठाउने, घर निर्माण गर्दा कमिशन खाने अनि जनताको पैसा भ्रष्टचार गर्ने प्रतिनिधीलाई यसपल्ट जनताले भोट दिनुहुँदैन’ भने। उनले यसपल्ट कालेबुङको नगरपालिकामा जन आन्दोलन पार्टीले बिजयी बनेर बोर्ड बनाउने डरले मोर्चा अध्यक्ष विमल गुरुङले विभिन्न वार्डहरूमा गएर विकास कार्यहरूको शिल्यान्यास गर्ने कार्य गरिरहेको पनि आरोप लगाए। यसक्रममा उनले हाल कालेबुङ नगरपालिका क्षेत्रको विकासका निम्ति मोठ 20 वटा कार्यहरूको टेण्डर भएको बताउँदै गोजमुमो अध्यक्ष विमल गुरुङले उक्त टेण्डर हुने कार्यहरूकै शिल्यान्यास गरेर जनताली लोभ्याउने कार्य गरिरहेको आरोप लगाए। यसको निम्ति उनले सम्पूर्ण ठेकादारहरूलाई ई-टेण्डर भर्ने आह्वान गर्दै ठेकाको कार्यमा राजनीति गर्न दिनु नहुने बताए। उनले नगरपालिकामा विगतका दिनहरूमा भ्रष्ट प्रतिनिधीहरूले बोर्ड बनाएर व्यापक भ्रष्टचार गरेको आरोप लगाउँदै जापले विजयी भएर नगरपालिकामा बोर्ड बनाएको खण्डमा सम्पूर्ण भ्रष्टचारको फाइल खोलेर नेता अनि अभियन्ताहरूलाई जेलको हावा खुवाउने चेतावनी पनि दिएका छन्। उनले जनतालाई सम्बोधन गर्ने क्रममा जापले भ्रष्टचारमुक्त नगरपालिका बोर्ड निर्माणको परिकल्पना राखेको अनि यसको निम्ति जनताले एकचोटी जापलाई सहयोग गर्नुपर्ने पनि आह्वान गरेका छन्।
‘नगरपालिका चुनाव जन आन्दोलन पार्टीका निम्ति स्टेपिङ स्टोन हो। चुनावको समयमा गोर्खाल्याण्डको कुरा गर्ने राजनैतिक दललाई होइन अब व्यवहारिक भएर समस्याको समाधान गर्न अघि आएका दललाई जनताले सघाउनुपर्छ’ डा. छेत्रीले स्पष्ट भने। यसक्रममा जापले छुट्टै राज्यको मुद्दालाई बिर्सेको भन्ने आरोप लगाउने गरेको बताउँदै ‘नगरपालिका चुनाव गोर्खाल्याण्डको कुरा गर्ने चुनाव होइन’ भन्दै जनतालाई सही कुरा बताएको जानकारी गराए। ‘हामी नगरपालिकालाई भ्रष्टचारमुक्त बनाएर उदाहरण बनाउँन चाहन्छौँ। आजसम्म अयोग्य अनि भ्रष्ट व्यक्तिहरूले शाषण चलाउँदा जनताले दुख पाएको हो। हामी नगरपालिकालाई राम्रोसँगले सञ्चालन गरेर हाम्रोमा राज्य सञ्चालन गर्ने क्षमता भएको देखाउँनेछौँ अनि समय आएपछि केन्द्रमा बात गरेर राज्यको मागलाई समेत फत्ते पार्नेछौँ’ डा. हर्कबहादुर छेत्रीले भने। आफुले कालेबुङ जिल्लाको मागालाई सरकार समक्ष ठिकसँगले राख्न सकेकै कारण मुख्यमन्त्री ममता ब्यानर्जीले जिल्ला गठन गरेको दाबी गर्दै यदि केन्द्रमा पनि सही तरिकाले कुरा उठान गर्न सके राज्य निर्माण हुनसक्ने बताए। तर दुर्भाग्यवस गोजमुमो पार्टीभित्र भने मुद्दालाई सही प्रकारले उठान गर्ने सक्ने नेता नभएको पनि आरोप लगाएका छन्। अर्कोतर्फ जापको सभालाई सम्बोधन गर्ने क्रममा ब्युरो सदस्य अमर लामाले पनि मोर्चाको तिखो आलोचना गर्दै राजनैतिक मर्यादालाई भुल्न नहुने सुझाव दिएका छन्। उनले राजनीतिमा राम्रो संस्कार ल्याउनुपर्ने आह्वान गर्दै मोर्चाका नेताहरूले राजनैतिक संस्कारलाई भुलेर अमर्यादित बयान दिने गरेको बताउँदै मर्यादा भुल्न नहुने बताएका हुन्। ‘गोजमुमो एकल व्यक्तिले चलाउने राजनैतिक दल हो। जतिसुकै स्टडी फोरम र केन्द्रिय समितिको कुरा गरे पनि आखिरमा गोजमुमोमा एउटा व्यक्तिले मात्र निर्णय लिने गर्छन्’ अमर लामाले भने। आफुहरूलाई गोजमुमो नेताहरूले बारम्बार तृणमूल कङ्ग्रेसको बी टिम भन्ने आरोप लगाएको बताउँदै सन् 2016 को विधानसभा चुनावमा तृणमूल कङ्ग्रेसले आफुलाई विधानसभाको टिकट दिँदा समेत आफुले टिकट स्वीकार नगरेर स्वाभिमानलाई बेच्ने कार्य नगरेको दाबी गरे। ‘गोर्खाल्याण्ड प्रत्येक पहाडवासीको ढुक-ढुकी हो। जन आन्दोलन पार्टीले छुट्टै राज्यको मुद्दालाई सही समयमा सही ठाउँमा उठान गर्नेछ। यदि आफ्नो स्वाभिमान बेच्नु हो भने मलाई तृणमूल कङ्ग्रेसले 2016 को विधासभा चुनावको टिकट दिएको हो। छुट्टै राज्यको विरोध गर्ने दलको टिकट थापेर हामीले स्वाभिमान बेचेका छैनौँ’ अमर लामाले भने। यसक्रममा यता गोजमुमो पार्टीले भने गोर्खाल्याण्डको मुद्दालाई केवल चुनावमा मागी खाने भाँडो मात्र बनाएको पनि उनले आरोप लगाए।
कालेबुङ नगरपालिका क्षेत्रका विभिन्न वार्डका मानिसहरूको व्यापक उपस्थितिमा सम्पन्न भएको सभालाई जाप महासचिव नयन प्रधान, लियो राई आदिले पनि सम्बोधन गरेका थिए। सभा सम्पन्न हुन अघि जाप कार्यकर्ताहरूले कालेबुङ शहरमा वाहनहरूको लामेताँत लश्कर निकालेर अघोषित शक्ति प्रदर्शन समेत गरेका थिए।

27 Mar 2017

Earthquake in India: Quake measuring 4.6 on Ritcher Scale hits Sikkim

India Today: New Delhi | March 27, 2017 : A 4.5-magnitude earthquake hit Sikkim early on Monday morning, the United States Geological Survey said. The quake hit 9 kilometres south of the state's capital, Gangtok, at 3:12 am, according to USGS. 

There are no reports of any damage or casualties yet.

FE Online | A minor tremor was felt in the north-eastern state of Sikkim early in the morning today. As per the initial report, the quake was measured 4.6 on the Ritcher scale. It comes a day after a moderate earthquake, measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale, rocked several parts of north east and parts of Myanmar on Saturday. 

Magnitudemb 4.5
Date time2017-03-26 21:42:09.6 UTC
Location27.21 N ; 88.59 E
Depth10 km
Distances108 km W of Thimphu, Bhutan / pop: 98,700 / local time: 03:42:09.6 2017-03-27
14 km S of Gangtok, India / pop: 30,700 / local time: 03:12:09.6 2017-03-27
6 km NE of Rangpo, India / pop: 4,100 / local time: 03:12:09.6 2017-03-27 

Mamata to set out for North Bengal tour today

Mamata to set out for North Bengal tour todayMP | 26 March 2017 | Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will set out for her North Bengal tour on Monday.The Chief Minister will be reaching Bagdogra airport on Monday afternoon and will be attending several programmes in Jalpaiguri on Tuesday.
Security has been beefed up in Jalpaiguri and other parts of North Bengal where the Chief Minister is scheduled to visit.

On Tuesday, the Chief Minister will hold the administrative review meeting for Jalpaiguri district at Sarojendra Deb Raykat Kala Kendra. It is learnt that after holding the administrative review meeting, the Chief Minister will be heading a meeting with private hospital authorities in the district.

It may be mentioned that after holding the meeting with authorities of private hospitals in the city on February 22, Banerjee had said that the state government will next take up the allegations which were brought against the private hospitals and nursing homes in districts. 

Data containing allegations against the hospitals has also been prepared.

After the meeting with representatives of private hospitals, the Chief Minister will be present in a programme where she will be inaugurating several projects and would also be laying foundation stones of some new projects. 

She will also be distributing benefits among people of the district.

Banerjee will be inaugurating a mobile animal treatment unit from the programme at Jalpaiguri on Tuesday. 

She will also be flagging off seven long-distance buses of North Bengal State Transport Corporation (NBSTC). She will also be inaugurating a 
women police station and a residential complex for sub-inspectors. 

The newly constructed building of Banarhat police station and barrack will also be inaugurated by the Chief Minister.

It may be mentioned that after her North Bengal tour, the Chief Minister will hold administrative review meetings of three South Bengal districts including West Midnapore, Purulia and Bankura. Jhargram and Asansol will also start functioning as new districts in her presence.

Security in Jalpaiguri has been tightened to ensure that no untoward incidents take place in the district during the visit of the Chief Minister. 

Additional CCTV cameras have been set up in different areas to keep a watch on the movement of vehicles and to take immediate steps in case anyone is found moving around suspiciously.

UP abattoir drive sparks clashes, death

Policemen raid a slaughterhouse in Moradabad on Wednesday; an illegal abattoir in Varanasi which was sealed on Tuesday. (PTI)
Piyush Srivastava, TT, Lucknow, March 26: Uttar Pradesh cops' haste to enforce the stated and surmised elements of chief minister Yogi Adityanath's agenda has led to embarrassment, public discontent and mob violence, prompting the state police chief to try and rein in the eager beavers.
 A police crackdown on allegedly legal abattoirs prompts violence in an Uttar Pradesh village.
 A quarrel at an eatery over the state-wide slaughterhouse closure drive leads to a man being shot dead.
  Police's "Anti-Romeo Squad" detains a teen and his sister from a park.
Police tried to close half-a-dozen goat and buffalo slaughterhouses last evening at Basahiya village in Kushinagar, prompting a mob attack on their jeeps, teargas retaliation and eventual paramilitary deployment.
A woman told reporters of police "terror" since Adityanath ordered all illegal (buffalo) slaughterhouses closed on Wednesday.
"Those running illegal abattoirs have already closed them but the police are still harassing the villagers," she said.
Local journalists, however, told this newspaper that only one goat abattoir among the six closed was licensed. Kushinagar superintendent of police Raju Babu Singh said the force had come to the village for the first time on Saturday on being tipped off about illegal abattoirs.
Still, the clash has underlined how, egged on by vigilantes, the cops have been shutting down even legal buffalo and goat abattoirs.
Adityanath had yesterday declared that legal buffalo slaughterhouses that follow all the norms would not be closed. But meat trade leaders and abattoir owners have alleged the police began shutting legal and illegal buffalo slaughterhouses as soon as Adityanath was nominated for chief minister on March 18.
The BJP poll manifesto had promised a blanket ban on all buffalo slaughterhouses (cow slaughter is already banned in the state).
At some places, vigilantes from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and the Adityanath-run Hindu Yuva Vahini are said to be themselves forcing goat and buffalo slaughterhouses to close.
The trend forced state director-general of police Javeed Ahmad to issue a circular last night asking the force to keep the vigilantes at bay.
"We have asked the police to close down illegal slaughterhouses but we have not asked the social vigilantes to take up the police's job. Action would be taken against such elements," he told reporters.
But some within the force were sceptical about the possibility of booking them while admitting reports of vigilantism from Gorakhpur, Faizabad and Meerut.
"It's difficult at this stage. Don't forget that the chief minister himself is essentially a leader of such people: it's he who formed the Hindu Yuva Vahini in 2002," he said, asking not to be identified.
Around the same time as the Kushinagar clash, a debate at a roadside eatery in Kasaulia village in Etah led to Mohammad Javed being shot dead and three people suffering serious injuries. Two men have been arrested.
Etah senior superintendent of police Satyarth Aniruddh Pankaj would only say that "two groups had clashed while eating chow mein at an outlet".
Local media quoted a purported eyewitness as saying: "They were discussing the government's decision (on abattoirs). Suddenly, they started fighting. Later, more people joined in and fired at each other. Javed suffered a fatal bullet injury."
Another of the BJP's poll promises was a police "Anti-Romeo Squad" to quell roadside sexual harassment. Whether the police had officially formed such a squad was unclear till yesterday but reports were coming about the cops and vigilantes harassing couples, even married ones.
Last evening, the police in Deoria town picked up a teenaged boy and a girl and brought them to Kotwali police station. The cops asked for their identity cards when they said they were siblings.
Forced to sit in the police station for two hours, they were released only when their father arrived and identified them as his son and daughter.
Ajay Kumar, Circle Officer, said: "We will ask the squad to be careful in future and pick up only those involved in eve-teasing (passing lewd comments at women)."
Javeed Ahmad was again forced to issue a circular, saying: "Women police in civil dress should be deployed to confirm about those harassing girls and women before they are picked up."
He added that the cops "must not ask for identity cards or harass pairs who are willingly together" and that "private people shouldn't be involved in the Anti-Romeo Squad" - officially confirming the squad's formation.
Some Vahini members in Gorakhpur, Yogi's hometown, had forced boys and girls on Wednesday to publicly hold their ears and apologise for being together.
Meat strike
Meat sellers across Uttar Pradesh will go on an indefinite strike from tomorrow against the crackdown on slaughterhouses, reports PTI. "All shops will remain closed. Fish sellers too have joined us and are extending support to us," Lucknow's Bakra Gosht Vyapar Mandal office-bearer Mubeen Qureshi said. "It will go on indefinitely," he added.

Scrapped notes seized

TT, Siliguri, March 26: The Siliguri metropolitan police today arrested four persons and recovered Rs 9.47 lakh from their car in scrapped currency notes.
The notes were in denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000.
A police officer said: "During a routine inspection of vehicles at Darjeeling More here this afternoon, our officers felt suspicious and searched a Maruti Celerio and recovered old notes which were bundled and concealed.
There were 1,494 notes of Rs 500 (Rs 7,47,000) and 200 notes of Rs 1,000 (Rs 2,00,000), the officer informed.
The four persons in the car could not provide documents or valid reason as to why they were carrying such a huge amount of scrapped notes.
The quartet have been arrested and the vehicle was seized, the officer said. The arrested are Param Bahadur Darnal who is from Siliguri, Ram Shankar Kushwaha from Madhya Pradesh, Passang Tamang and Bikram Kalikote, both residents of Tadong in Sikkim.
According to the police, the quartet would be produced in a court here tomorrow.

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