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20 Jun 2017

Students hit Damber Chowk in Kalimpong

SNS, KALIMPONG, 15 JUNE 2017: The students from various schools and colleges along with young teachers led a mass procession today that was to followed by the general public who were in thousands. Later the mass gathered in Dambar Chowk where compelling speeches by students were given. They appealed all the students to come together and strengthen the agitation for a separate state.
The Gorkhaland supporters call this agitation Newton's third law of motion, where, Issac Newton, the great scientist had said: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." This means that the situation wouldn't have been this bad if the chief minister Mamata Banerjee had withdrawn her decision of language on time. However, this is just a public reacteion on it, says the Gorkhaland supporters.
Today, an effigy of the chief minister, Mamata Banerjee was also burnt in Dambar Chowk, The outraged Gorkhaland supporters sloganeered
Mamata Banerjee hai-hai from time to time. The people here now want the leaders to be strict on their decision and accept no interim settlement.
It was also informed that last night, around 7.30 p.m., Kalyan Gurung, a a TMC cadre's house was vandalised in BL Dixit road. People also pelted stones at his house, A report of damaging police's vehicle in upper cart road was also updated today. In the afternoon, a vehicle in Seti Jhora was torched, one Aniket Chettri sustained 70 per cent burn injuries and has been taken to Siliguri hospital, said the SP Ajit Singh Yadav.
Meanwhile, the internet is barred for the 48 hours in the Hills to restrain the citizens from posting videos and pictures in Facebook and Twitter.
The fight for Gorkhaland is taken seriously by every indivisual in the Hills now; people have been resigning from various parties and development boards. More than 15 people from ward number 19 resigned and dissolved the TMC committee and joined Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha.
Meanwhile, 14 people of Biswakarma Youth Association, Dr Grahams Home's branch committee resigned to support the cause of Gorkhaland, they believe that TMC have a higher influence on development boards, moreover, this is a time when people have come together to fight for the soil and it would be inappropriate to be in the banner of development boards, feels T R Gazmer, the chief advisor of B.Y.A.
The executive member, Naratmani Ghatanay, firmly believes that it's no point of having houses with green or blue roofs when the people don't have a land (Gorkhaland) of their own.
Meanwhile, All  Hills Ex-Army has decided to call G.L.P (Gorkhaland Perssonel) force which they had recruited during 2007's agitation. Some more force will be recruited soon as the police have withdrawn their service of protecting the Morcha chief Bimal Gurung.
On the other hand, Jan Andolan Party folded their flags and kept in a trunk was thought that they will take the flag only the day Gorkhaland is acquired.
The party supremo,  Harka Bahadur Chhetri said Gorkhaland is asked bear a party flag, a party's self centred interest will always be lying, dividing the mass s political flags, hence not should come with their flags".
(Source & Courtesy : http://epaper.thestatesman.com/1251173/The-Statesman-Siliguri/20th-June-2017#page/14/2)

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