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31 May 2017

Kalimpong municipality councillors sworn in

SNS, KALIMPONG, 30 MAY: The chairman and vice chairman along with other councillors of Municipality were sworn in Municipality conference hall today which was missed by TMC's winning candidates for reasons unknown.
Suva Pradhan who took oath as Kalimpong Chairman was approved by all the councillors who were present today. Pradhan enthusiastically assured to abide by his responsibilities and do the chores which were left undone by the previous board. 19 councillors from Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha were sworn before which was followed by 2 JAP counicillors and they have unanimously vowed to Morcha's manifesto.
The Sub-Divisional officer who led the ceremony also briefed the media about today's pl dge. After the oath taking ceremony, the name of the presiding officer was sorted as the gathering nominated Ravi Pradhan and the councillors including JAP's also approved Suva Pradhan as the Chairman said Nirmalya Gharami, the SDO.
The first board meeting will be conducted on Thursday around 1 pm, informed the new chairman.
The Chairman Suva Pradhan and the Vice Chairman Sonam Tsewang Bhutia have not held similar posts before yet they seem to have a long term vision for Kalimpong and its beautification.
In the other hand, Dr. Harka Badhur Chettri of Jan Andolan Party had earlier said that JAP councillors will act as a watchdog of the municipality, however, Nimesh Lama, of ward number 13, and GOC Phippon of ward number 4 believes unity. The JAP duo said that they were nominated so that they can help the civilians and they will work without concentrating on 'other' things.
"We will just focus on the beautification of Kalimpong and will try to solve people's problems, we were nominated just for that,' said Nimesh Lama. Whereas, GOC Phippon said that they will work with unity regarding the overall development of Kalimpong in the chairmanship of Suva Pradhan.
Later, in a telephonic conversation With a source it was found that the ministers of TMC had called a meeting in Siliguri PWD bungalow to which the two TMC candidates had possibly gone, considering their oaths unimportant.

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