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10 Apr 2017

Show cause notice to Kurseong contractors

SNS, KURSEONG, 9 APRIL 2017:In order to execute the pending repair works of several link roads in the Kurseong Municipality area, the Kurseong Municipality administrator Mr Debashish Chattopadya, who is also the Sub Divisional Magistrate, (SDM), in Kurseong, sent 'show-cause notices to t he different concerned road agencies and contractors.
On Friday, a team of the Kurseong Municipality officials led by its administrator, Mr Chattopadya had visited the ongoing road-repair site of the AK Mukherjee road, (popularly known as Pankhabari road, near AlR Kurseong) and took stock of the situation.
Meanwhile, when asked by reporters, Mr Chattopadya said that the repair works of the AK Mukherjee road is going on since 31 March and they hope that it would be completed within seven days. There are also other roads for which repair works will soon be initiated like Burdwan Road, G.M. Goenka Road, S.S. Road and others.
He further added that there are several link-roads in the Kurseong municipality areas, whose repair works were due by the concerned agencies On Friday, a team of the Kurseong Municipality officials led by its administrator, Mr Chattopadya had visited the ongoing road repair site of the AK Mukherjee road and took stock of the situation.
Since last June and July 2016. I fence, to immediately execute such repair works, so far they have sent five notices to the concerned road-agencies and contractors. Mr Chattopadya also informed that earlier too, show-cause notices had been sent by the authority of the previous board of the Kurseong Municipality to t hem. I fence, keeping in mind the coming monsoon season as well as the problems faced by the common people due to deplorable condition of the roads , they have again issued notices to the concerned for the immediate execution and completion of road repairs.
The Sub Assistant Engineer of the Municipality, Mr Manoj Chettri said that a total of Rs 5 crores had been allotted for the 12 different link-roads (total length around 15 km) that falls in the jurisdiction of Kurseong municipality. But so far, they have received 1.43 crore, only. Mr Chettri also informed that however, the repair works of some roads had started earlier by the concerned contractors but there are several link-roads that are yet to be fully repaired.
In this connection a concerned contractor said that they have already initiated repair works of several link-roads but due to lack of sufficient fund they have not been able to complete the works but now, following the direction and assurance of municipality administrator they have again re-started repair works.

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