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31 Jan 2017

Expelled SDF leader Ran Bahadur Subba talks of floating a new party

Photo Source & Courtesy: Voice of Sikkim
SNS, Gangtok, 30 January: Sikkim will soon see a new Opposition political party coming up in the general elections of 2019, which will be floated by expelled SDF leader Ran Bahadur Subba.
The former 63-year-old SDF leader, Subba, is also the founder of SDF in 1993 under current chief minister Pawan Chamling.
According to Subba's supporters, more than 1000 vehicles comprising his supporters escorted him from his village Rumbung, West Sikkim, to the capital today.
Subba's team claims that 5.000 party workers have resigned today, however, SDF spokesperson KT Gyaltsen said that SDF will verify the resignations.
Since section 144 Cr PC is imposed at Indira Bypass and considering that he has already been expelled by the SDF, Subba deputed three of his representatives to go to SDF Bhawan.
"I was expelled from the party after knowing that I would tender my resignation today This dearly indicates that SDF is afraid. I was in the post of senior vice president for so many years and know so many secrets of the party that I will reveal accordingly," said Subba while interacting with the reporters.
The police put up a barricade and prohibited any vehicles to enter the Bypass area. A huge police force including Sikkim Armed Force was deployed at Amdo Golai (a road leading to SDF office) in Gangtok to avert any kind of law and order situation.
After submitting the resignation, Subba reached Saramsa Khet near Ranipool about 15 km away from Gangtok. where he addressed his supporters. The expelled vice-president of Sikkim Democratic Front, R B Subba said that he would float a new political party in Sikkim soon, which would have an ideology of unity and equality.
"Sikkim Bachau is what we are voicing for, it's a high time now to raise our voice before it gets too late," he said. Subba was expelled from the party on Sunday by SDF citing his involvement in anti-social activities and on the ground of breach of discipline.
He said the intolerant corruption and nepotism in the party had forced him to quit it.
"SDF is infested with corruption. It is no longer a party of the poor and voiceless. It has become a party which is influenced by the opinions of handful self-vested persons - the so called leaders. The chief minister is openly awarding government supplies to his wife Tika Maya Chamling and to his relatives. A man who is claiming of eradicating corruption himself is involved in corrupt practices I was suffocating in the party and my disassociation is for the betterment of Sikkim. Our state has lost unity in the name of caste and communities. We will work towards unification," said Subba adding that he would soon float a new political party in Sikkim.
"Our political party would raise voice for justice and equality. We will make an official announcement soon. We are presently collecting the opinions of the people and discussing the structure," he added.
He also handed a five page resignation letter to the reporters written to the SDF party president Pawan Chamling.
The letter mentions rampant corruption running in the party as one of the prime reasons for him that led him to quit.
'The base of SDF party is the ward level party workers. They are now with us and will also resign soon. The resignation drive would now happen in East, North and South Districts," said Subba.
A senior leader of SDF said that Subba's exit from the party would make no difference.
"He is an opportunist who took benefit from the party and now is rebelling against the same leader¬ship. His resignation means nothing to the party," he said

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