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26 Dec 2016

PM rules out retreat

TT, New Delhi, Dec. 25: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today declared that there was no question of retreating from the movement against corruption that he had launched through demonetisation and vowed to complete the mission with the blessings of 125 crore people.
Recalling the letters he received from a large number of people, the Prime Minister said in his radio programme Mann ki Baat: "They say 'Modiji, do not feel exhausted, do not stop and take the most stringent measures that you can. Now that you have chosen this path, the journey should culminate at its intended and logical destination'. I sincerely assure you there won't be a full stop. This is just the beginning. We have to win this battle."
He saluted the people for participating in this "mahayagya against black money and corruption with utmost zeal" and said he could feel their pain. "I feel as much pain as you do. But when a task is taken up with a noble objective, to realise a lofty intent, with a clear conscience, the countrymen stay firm courageously amidst all these trials and tribulations. These people are the real agents of change, pioneers of transformation."
The Prime Minister added: "I thank people for one more reason. They have not only braved hardships, but have also powerfully given a retort to those limited few who have been trying to mislead them."
The Opposition is up in arms against the demonetisation decision, and reports of unease within the Sangh parivar have also surfaced.
The Prime Minister, however, did not respond to the bribe charges levelled by Rahul Gandhi even as he drifted towards other topics like cricketer K.L. Rahul scoring a triple century and Virat Kohli's performance in the Test series against England.
He defended the random changes in the rules by the RBI, contending that the "new tactics" of the thugs needed an adequate response. "To counter these new offensives, we too have to devise appropriate new responses and antidotes," Modi said.
Digital Xmas gift
Modi announced schemes for consumers and businesses -Lucky Grahak Yojana' and Digi Dhan Vyapaar Yojana - for adopting digital transactions, offering them as a Christmas gift.
"Fifteen thousand people will get rewards through a draw system, whereby each of the winners will have Rs 1,000 into their accounts and this will continue for the next 100 days. Lakhs of families are going to receive crores of rupees as the gift for going digital," he said.
"I feel delighted to learn that the awareness about how to use technology and making e-payments is spreading very fast. During the past few days, cashless transactions have increased by 200 to 300 per cent," the Prime Minister added.

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