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20 Dec 2016

Mamata Banerjee hits out at `deaf and dumb' Centre

TNN | Dec 20, 2016, BANKURA: When the Prime Minister wants people to go cashless as part of the cash clean-up drive, chief minister Mamata Banerjee argues that demonetisation has already hit the common man hard. "People have already become fakirs while the chaiwalla who became the PM has become a crorepati. But he calls him a fakir. I won't elaborate on this. It is up to you find out what sort of a fakir he is," the CM said.

If not reversed, this demonetisation drive will bring famine to the country, said the chief minister. "Everyone has realised it by now. But I don't know why the PM is unable to realise this. I have come to know that Venezuela had once taken this drive. But it went for a rollback considering the adverse impact on the people. But this deaf and dumb government isn't listening," she said, while addressing a public rally at Fulkusuma in Bankura on Monday.

The CM took on the Prime Minister for asking the poor to use Paytm. "Why should somebody dictate on how I'll spend my money? Why should the government force the poor to use Paytm for a commission? The imperative is that you have to buy an advanced cell phone. Don't listen to all these. We won't allow the hard earned money of the common man to fund commissions." Mamata held that the country was heading towards doom due to notebandi."I would ask you if the money in your savings accounts is safe," the CM said, soon after the Centre brought down the EPF interest rates from 8.80 to 8.65.Union finance ministry also wants the labour ministry to bring down PPF rates and also those on small savings will also be revised in the days to come. "There can be no development if one's house is on fire. We need peace for development," Banerjee said.

The CM told the gathering that her government is also in peril like the common man. "The Centre has stopped all the money . But I will stay with the people.I have called a state level meeting on January 6 to discuss ways to take the state forward," she said.

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